Vision and Mission

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Our Mission

  • Provide educational opportunities to undergraduate students in the fields of Ecology, Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, Conservation Biology, Phycology and Aquaculture.
  • Provide advanced training to graduate students through graduate degree programs (MR, M.Sc. and Ph.D.) in Zoology; Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology; and Environmental Assessment. Areas of expertise that are represented within the faculty include Aquatic Ecology, Conservation Biology, Fisheries Biology, Phycology, Applied Toxicology, and Aquaculture.
  • Provide world-class applied and fundamental research programs in distinct areas of Fisheries, Ecology, Aquaculture, Phycology and Environmental Toxicology.
  • Provide outreach in Aquaculture, Fisheries, Applied Toxicology, Agromedicine, and Water Quality Analysis.
  • Develop practical solutions that address local and global challenges to environmental and human well-being.

Our Vision

The Applied Ecology Department will contribute to the goals and mission of Life Sciences within CALS in a unique and highly relevant way. Faculty strengths are in the areas of ecology, fisheries, aquaculture, conservation biology, environmental toxicology, and related fields. Research in these fields will fuel the continuation of a strong, well-funded graduate program, effective extension and outreach, and mostly graduate training initially but some undergraduate teaching and advising. In particular, some administration of undergraduates associated with the Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology (FWCB) program may be appropriate given the department faculty’s current interests and interactions with these students.