Matthew J. Rubino

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Contact Information

Office Address
Applied Ecology
214 David Clark Labs
NC State University
Raleigh, NC 27695

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Matthew J. Rubino

Research Assistant, Biodiversity and Spatial Information Center, NC Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit


2001 – M.S., Natural Resources – Spatial Information Systems, North Carolina State University
1989 – B.S., Zoology, University of Montana

Research Interests

MJRubino-Research-InterestsMy research interests involve spatial modeling and data development to aid in large scale conservation assessment. To that end, much of my focus is on species distribution modeling, species-habitat relationships, modeling climate change effects on species distributions, species surrogacy in conservation biology, Geographic Information Systems, and database development.

Web Resources

Biodiversity and Spatial Information Center
NC Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
USGS National Gap Analysis Program

Selected Publications

Hess, G.R., F.H. Koch, M.J. Rubino, K.A. Eschelbach, C.A. Drew, J.M. Favreau. 2006. Comparing the potential effectiveness of conservation approaches in central North Carolina, USA. Biological Conservation 128(3) 358-368.

Favreau, J.M., C.A. Drew, G.R. Hess, M.J. Rubino, F.H. Koch, K.A. Eschelbach. 2006. Recommendations for assessing the effectiveness of surrogate species approaches. Biodiversity and Conservation 15(12) 3949-3969.

Hess, G.R., R.A. Bartel, A.K. Leidner, K.M. Rosenfeld, M.J. Rubino, S.A. Snider, T.R. Ricketts. 2006. Effectiveness of biodiversity indicators varies with extent, grain, and region. Biological Conservation 132(4) 448-457.

Stefanski, L.A., M.J. Rubino, and G.R. Hess. 2003. Estimating patch occupancy when patches are incompletely surveyed. Institute of Statistics Mimeo Series #2543.

Rubino, M.J., and G.R. Hess. 2003. Planning open spaces for wildlife 2: Mapping and verifying focal species habitat. Landscape and Urban Planning, 64:89-104.

Unpublished Reports

Lott, C.A., and M.J. Rubino. 2011. A python script for preparing TernCOLONY habitat inputs: TernCOLONY model documentation. (Download PDF)

Rubino, M.J.and S.G. Williams. 2011. Avian Habitat Modeling for the SAMBI DSL Project. (Download PDF)

Rubino, M.J.2010. Sea Level Rise Modeling for the SAMBI.