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Applied Ecology
221 David Clark Labs
NC State University
Raleigh, NC 27695


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Sean T. Giery

Graduate Student, Zoology


Craig Layman


2009 – M.S., Botany, University of Hawaii
2002 – B.S., Biology, SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry

Research Interests

giery_researchMy dissertation research focuses on the evolutionary differentiation of sexual selection and communication systems in the wild. I use a model system of mosquitofish populations occurring in natural and human-altered environment to investigate how anthropogenic ecological change might be driving evolutionary divergence in a visual signaling system used in courtship displays. More generally, this research program illustrates how human-mediated ecological change can drive adaptive and non-adaptive evolutionary responses in wild populations. The overarching goal is to raise awareness of the fuller range of consequences that anthropogenic change incurs. Other active research topics include food-web ecology, communication theory, and natural history miscellany.

Web Resources

Abaco Scientist
The Layman Lab

Selected Publications

Araújo, M.S., R.B. Langerhans, S.T. Giery and C.A. Layman. 2014. Ecosystem fragmentation drives increased diet variation in an endemic live-bearing fish of The Bahamas. Ecology and Evolution. (in press)

Gallagher, A.J., D.S. Shiffman, N. Hammerschlag and S.T. Giery. 2014. Evolved for extinction: the cost and conservation implications of specialization in hammerhead sharks. BioScience.

Lemoine, N.P., S.T. Giery and D.E. Burkepile. 2014. Differing nutritional constraints of consumers across ecosystems. Oecologia. 174:1367-1376.

Giery, S.T., N.P. Lemoine, C.M. Hammerschlag-Peyer, R.N. Abbey-Lee and C.A. Layman. 2013. Bidirectional trophic linkages couple canopy and understorey food webs. Functional Ecology 27: 1436–1441.

Giery, S.T. 2013. First records of the corn snake (Pantherophis guttata) from Abaco Island, The Bahamas, and notes their current distribution in the greater Caribbean region. IRCF Reptiles & Amphibians, Conservation and Natural History. 20(1): 36-39.

Luzar, J.B., K.M. Silvius, H. Overman, S.T. Giery, J.M. Read and J.M.V. Fragoso. 2011. Large-scale environmental monitoring by indigenous peoples. BioScience. 61(10):771-781.

Read, J.M., J.M.V. Fragoso, K.M. Silvius, J. Luzar, H. Overman, A. Cummings, S.T. Giery and L.F. de Oliveira. 2010. Space Place and Hunting Patterns among Indigenous Peoples of the Guyanese Rupununi Region. Journal of Latin American Geography. 9(3) 213-243.

Giery, S.T. and R.S. Ostfeld. 2007. The Role of Lizards in the Ecology of Lyme Disease in Two Endemic Zones of the Northeastern United States. Journal of Parasitology. 93(3): 511-517.