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Applied Ecology
210 David Clark Labs
Campus Box 7617
NC State University
Raleigh, NC 27695

Phone Number
(919) 306-5107

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Research Website

Jennifer M. Archambault

PhD Student, Applied Ecology


2012 – M.S. Zoology, North Carolina State University
2004 – B.S. Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, North Carolina State University
2002 – A.S. Biological Sciences, Grand Rapids Community College

Research Interests

My research interests include various aspects of stream ecology, especially anthropogenic impacts to stream biota and ecosystem functioning. I am especially interested in studying stream ecosystems through the lens of freshwater mollusks. These highly sensitive invertebrates serve as a model for understanding stream ecology processes, and the consequences of climate change, contamination, urbanization, and other human impacts to freshwater systems. Recent projects include investigating the influence of benthic components on mussel acute thermal sensitivity, quantifying sublethal effects of thermal stress on mussel burrowing and byssus production, studying mussel respiration during thermal increase, and investigating the toxicity of hydrilla-targeting herbicides to freshwater mussels and snails.

Selected Publications

Archambault JM, CM Bergeron, WG Cope, R Richardson, M Heilman, JE Corey, ME Netherland, and RJ Heise. 2014. Sensitivity of freshwater molluscs to Hydrilla-targeting herbicides: providing context for invasive aquatic weed control in diverse ecosystems. Journal of Freshwater Ecology (accepted).

Archambault JM, WG Cope, and TJ Kwak. 2014. Survival and behaviour of juvenile unionid mussels exposed to thermal stress and dewatering in the presence of a sediment temperature gradient. Freshwater Biology 59(3):601-613.Link:

Archambault JM, WG Cope, and TJ Kwak. 2014. Influence of sediment presence on freshwater mussel thermal tolerance. Freshwater Science 33(1):56-65. Link:

Archambault JM, WG Cope, and TJ Kwak. 2013. Burrowing, byssus, and biomarkers: behavioral and physiological indicators of sublethal thermal stress in juvenile freshwater mussels. Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology 46(4):229-250. Link:

Archambault JM. 2012. Thermal sensitivity of freshwater mussels: incorporating benthic ecology into laboratory mesocosm experiments. MS Thesis, North Carolina State University, Raleigh. Link:

Kwak T J, WG Cope, JD Bales, TJ Newton, JA Daraio, TJ Pandolfo, JM Archambault, AM Ganser, RJ Heise, and BN Karns. 2012. Modeling the response of imperiled freshwater mussels to anthropogenically induced changes in water temperature, habitat, and flow in streams of the southeastern and central United States. Preliminary Final Report, submitted to US Geological Survey, National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center, Reston, Virginia.