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Erica Henry

Contact Information

Office Address
Applied Ecology
208 David Clark Labs
NC State University
Raleigh, NC 27695


Erica Henry

PhD Student, Zoology


Nick Haddad


2001 – BA Willamette University
2010 – MS Washington State University

Research Interests

I am interested in how to best use ecological knowledge of endangered species and their habitats to create effective conservation strategies. I work closely with land managers to develop and implement habitat restoration plans and to evaluate how restoration actions affect target populations. In my dissertation, I am answering questions about how to restore disturbance in fire-adapted systems that harbor endangered species, the use of surrogate species for evaluating restoration success, and the impacts of climate change, specifically changes in precipitation patterns and sea level rise, on butterfly populations confined to low-lying islands. I use three of the world’s rarest butterflies (Bartram’s scrub-hairstreak, St. Francis’ satyr, and Miami blue) to answer these questions.

Selected Publications

Cayton, H., N.M. Haddad, B. Ball, E. Henry, and E. Aschehoug. 2015. Habitat restoration as a recovery tool for a disturbance-dependent butterfly, the endangered St. Francis’ Satyr. Pages 147-159 in Daniels, J. C. (editor) Butterfly Conservation in North America

Henry, E., N.H. Haddad, J. Wilson, P. Hughes, B. Gardner. 2015. Point-count methods for butterflies when traditional methods fail: a case study with Miami blue butterfly. Journal of Insect Conservation 19:519-529

Henry, E. and L. Beyer. 2013. A note on the life history of the mardon skipper (Polites mardon). Journal of the Lepidopterists Society 67:304-307

Henry, E. and C. B. Schultz. 2013. A first step towards successful conservation: Understanding local oviposition site selection of an imperiled butterfly, mardon skipper. Journal of Insect Conservation 17:183-194

Schultz, C.B., E. Henry, A. Carleton, T. Hicks, R. Thomas, A. Potter, M. Collins, M. Linders, C. Fimbel, S. Black, H. Anderson, G. Diehl, S. Hamman, R. Gilbert, J. Foster, D. Hays, N. Page, J. Heron, N. Kroeker, C. Webb, and B. Reader. 2011. Conservation of Prairie-Oak butterflies in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Northwest Science 85:361-388