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Applied Ecology
David Clark Labs
NC State University
Raleigh, NC 27695


Andrew Maurer

M.S. Graduate Student, Zoology


Craig A Layman


2012 – B.A., Environmental Studies & Spanish, Eckerd College

Research Interests

My current interests revolve around coastal ecosystem ecology and environmental change. My thesis research examines the effect of an introduced invasive plant species on hawksbill sea turtle nesting ecology, with major tie-ins to climate change. I am exploring potential effects on vital rates such as hatch success, and also any impacts on thermal ecology, a key concept due to temperature-dependent sex determination. My goal is to inform invasive species management and to further our understanding of climate change impacts on critically endangered hawksbills and sea turtles in general. Additional research interests include spatial ecology/GIS, resource management and decision making, restoration ecology, and human dimensions/connectivity.

Web Resources

Selected Publications

Maurer, A.S., De Neef, E., and Stapleton, S. 2015. Sargassum accumulation may spell trouble for nesting sea turtles. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 13: 394-395.

Cove, M.V. and Maurer, A.S. 2015. The Snapping Turtle, Chelydra serpentina (Linnaeus 1758) (Testudines: Chelydridae), in the Florida Keys. Reptiles & Amphibians: Conservation and Natural History 22(1): 38-39.