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Contact Information


Alex Bogdanoff

PhD Student, Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology


Dr. Craig Layman (NCSU)
Dr. James Morris (NOAA)


2014 – M.S., Coastal Marine and Wetland Science, Coastal Carolina University
2010 – B.S., Biology, Gannon University

Research Interests

My dissertation strives to enhance lionfish control and management programs throughout the Caribbean. I am currently doing capacity building with the Cozumel Marine Park to better understand the parks historical reef data and maximize resources based on the parks priorities. Research aspects of this program include assessing the ecological impacts of lionfish in the park and building a lionfish control model that will help coastal managers determine target densities based on a suite of ecological and socio-economic parameters. In collaboration with a variety of entities across the region, I am currently investigating the utility of lionfish aggregating devices. These devices may prove to be a game changer in terms of improving removal efficiency. Additional work is being conducted to assess ciguatoxin accumulation, assimilation, and transfer in reef fishes. This work will have direct implications for fisheries management programs across the Caribbean.

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Layman Lab

Selected Publications

Bogdanoff, A.K., J.L. Akins, J.A. Morris, Jr., and 2013 GCFI Invasive Lionfish Workgroup. 2014. Lionfish in the Marketplace: Challenges and Opportunities. Proceedings of the 66th Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute 66: 140-147.

Sturtevant, R., J. Larson, L. Berent, M. McCarthy, A. Bogdanoff, A. Fusaro, and E. Rutherford. 2014. An impact assessment of Great Lakes aquatic nonindigenous species. NOAA Technical Memorandum GLERL-161. NOAA, Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, Ann Arbor, MI, 1022 pp.

Bogdanoff, A.K., J. Mostowy, and J.A. Morris. 2014. Invasive Lionfish Story Map: Little Fish, Big Problem. NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science, Maps and Geographical Data Explorers. Available at