Fish Consumption Advisory

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Dan River

Dan River in North Carolina downstream of the Duke Energy – Dan River Steam Station spill site.

Affected River Basins


Affected Counties

Caswell, Rockingham

Fish to avoid:

Do not eat any fish from the Dan River


Coal ash (2015 DHHS Health Advisory) and Mercury


Date issued: February 27, 2015

On February 2, 2014, there was a release of coal ash to the Dan River from a waste ash pond on the Duke Energy – Dan River Steam Station near Eden, North Carolina. As a result, we recommend that people do not eat any fish or shellfish from the Dan River downstream of the spill in North Carolina’s Rockingham and Caswell counties. We do not yet have the information needed to determine if eating fish or shellfish presents a health hazard or not. We are working with other agencies to collect fish downstream of the spill. We are evaluating the data from fish sampling as it becomes available to identify when eating the fish is no longer a concern.

In addition to the site-specific fish consumption advisories listed above, there is a statewide advisory for the consumption of fish high in mercury, including Largemouth Bass.