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Undergraduate Courses in Applied Ecology

Summer and Fall 2017

AEC 380 – Global Water Resources

Summer I: 3 credit hours IP GEP

This course focuses on global issues associated with water resources, including the ways that people interact with water (how we use, degrade, conserve, and advocate for water and water rights), and how these interactions shape our lives.

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AEC 400 – Applied Ecology

Tu/Th 1:30 to 2:45pm

Global climate change, overfishing, habitat loss, altered nutrient cycles, and the spread of invasive species are among the world’s pressing global environmental issues. Solutions to these problems are complex, but firmly rooted in the fundamental tenets of ecological theory. The field of applied ecology is premised on using these fundamental ecological principles to help solve the environmental challenges we face. This course will provide an overview of the field of applied ecology, working from the individual to global level, the course will provide a broad perspective on the field of applied ecology.

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AEC 460 Field Ecology & Methods

Tu 8:30 to 9:45am /Th 8:30 to 1pm

This course upper class undergraduates with interests in biology to the diverse field approaches used to address ecological questions. The course considers and implements a variety of field approaches from microcosm experiments to global studies of patterns and diversity. Students will conduct both group & independent research projects.

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AEC 441/442 – Fish Biology and Lab

Tu/Th 3 to 4:15pm

Fishes are the largest and most diverse assemblage of vertebrates on the earth with nearly 30,000 described species. This course provides an overview of ichthyology including evolution, classification, and identification of fishes and a comparative examination of divergent fish behavior, physiology, and ecology.

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