Tiger Shark Research at Tiger Beach, Bahamas

See here for a post from Oceanbites blog¬†about recent research done at Tiger Beach! If you’d like more information about the research, see the full research article reference below.


Sulikowski, James A. et al. Seasonal and life-stage variation in the reproductive ecology of a marine apex predator, the tiger shark, Galeocerdo cuvier, at a protected female-dominated site. […]

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Do Sharks Associate with Fish Spawning Aggregations?

This new study (see paper here) investigated whether three species of shark utilize deep Caribbean reefs. Shark species studied were Tiger, Lemon and Caribbean Reef sharks. The researchers found that out of the three species, Lemon sharks were consistently found at deep reefs during spawning aggregations. Though this study was done in the U.S Virgin Islands, it would […]