Sigatoka on Banana

Black and Yellow Sigatoka are two of the most common fungal diseases that infect bananas and plantains. Both diseases have the potential to cause major yield losses if left unchecked. These diseases cause lesions on leaves that greatly reduce the photosynthetic capacity of leaves, thus reducing the availability of food for the plant itself. These diseases are widespread and present in […]

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A closer look at a mangrove die-off

The first day of the 7th biennial ASAC meeting has come to an end! Here is a link to the talk about the mangrove die-off in The Marls: A closer look at a mangrove die-off

We will post more talks and posters from ASAC as they come in so stay tuned!

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Mangrove Data From Moore’s Island

Thanks to one of the teachers from the 2015 BREEF Teacher Training Workshop, we have some new information on the state of mangroves on Moore’s Island. She and her students did a handful of mangrove surveys near their school. Most of  the mangroves sampled were white mangrove (Laguncularia racemosa) or black mangrove (Avicennia germinans). Students found that disease was relatively […]

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