Sharks4Kids: Bringing shark education into the classroom

Sharks4Kids will be in Abaco next week to visit several public schools!  As part of the ‘Drone Diaries of the Bahamas’ project, which is geared towards shark research and conservation (see some past posts here, here, and here), one of our main objectives is to increase shark awareness to the public and more importantly, to the kids! Therefore, […]

‘It’s Better in the Bahamas Shark Sanctuary’

Beth Whitman, a PhD candidate at FIU that has been working on Abaco for a couple years now, worked very hard this summer in The Bahamas assisting with Paul G. Allen’s Global Fin Print. Using Baited Remote Underwater Video (or BRUVs), researchers around the globe have been surveying marine life on coral reefs and here is a short clip […]

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