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Research Programs in The Bahamas

Here is a list of research teams that are currently are conducting research in the country, including a web link and a couple of key words regarding the types of research they conduct.  Obviously, with the myriad research programs in the country, I may have missed many.  If you are not on this list and would like to be, please let us know.  Be patient with me – not an easy list to compile!

I haven’t integrated a searchable format yet, but if you simply use the “search” or “find” tool in your browser, you should be able to quickly isolate the researcher keywords that you may be most interested in.

Person or ProgramKey words
Aaron Adams bonefish
Lad Akins (REEF) - lionfish
Mark Albins lionfish
Nancy Albury caves; blue holes; fossils
Jacob Allgeier ecosystem ecology; nutrient cycling
Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research
Csilla Ari manta rays
Bahamas Biocomplexity Project coral reefs; marine protected areas
Bahamas Marine Ecocentre stromatolites; geology
Kenny Broad anthropology
Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization
Karen Bjorndal sea turtles
Alan Bolton sea turtles
Dan Brumbaugh coral reefs; marine protected areas
John Bruno coral reef ecology
Mark Butler lobster
Ryan Calsbeekevolutionary ecology; lizards
Cape Eleuthera Institute Diverse coastal ecology and conservation initiatives
Demian D. Chapman sharks
Community Conch
Steve Cooke bonefish
Diane Claridge marine mammals
Isabelle Cotefish ecology; invasive lionfish
Craig Dahlgren marine protected areas; coral reefs; Nassau grouper
Andy Danylchuk bonefish
Charlotte Dunn marine mammals
John Durban marine mammals
Family Island Research and Educationsea turtles
Janet Franklin landscape ecology; terrestrial plant ecology; biogeography
Gerace Research Center
Stephanie Green lionfish
David Gruber bioluminescence
Sonny Gruber sharks
Tony Goldberg bonefish disease
Neil Hammerschlag sharks; citizen science
Alastair Harborne fish and marine protected areas
William Hayes birds; herpetology
Mark Hixon coral reefs; fish ecology
Thomas M. Iliffe caves and cave fauna
John Iverson iguanas
Brian Kakuk caves; blue holes
Chuck Knapp endangered species; iguanas
Lee Kass plant Reproductive Biology, plant biodiversity
Carol Landry pollination; plant biodiversity
Brian Langerhans evolutionary ecology; mosquitofish
Howard Lasker coral reefs; octocorals
Craig Layman food webs; fish; restoration
Manuel Leal evolutionary ecology; lizards
Jonathan Losos evolutionary ecology; lizards
William Louda microalgae
John Mandelman physiology of sharks
Amelia Moore anthropology; sustainable development
Lloyd Morrison island vegetation; biogeography; ants
Erich Mueller coral reefs; environmental education
Peter Mumby coral reefs
John Mylroie geology
Joseph Pawlik sponges; marine chemical ecology
Dave Philipp Genetics and bonefish
Jonah Piovia-Scott resource subsidies; food webs; ants; spiders; lizards
Gene Rankeygeology
Pamela ReidCarbonate biogeochemistry
Graham ReynoldsEvolutionary genetics; herpetology
David Spiller food webs; lizards
Caroline StahalaBahamas parrot
Dave Steadman biogeography; systematics; fossils
Allan Stonerconch
Katheleen Sullivan-Sealey coastal ecology; environmental impact assessments and monitoring plans
Cory Suski bonefish and ocean acidification
Tom Schoener evolutionary ecology; lizards; food webs
Louie Yang plant ecology; disturbance ecology; food webs
Lauren Yeager fish ecology; landscape ecology