Abaco Mangrove Survey 2019-01-13T10:26:16-05:00

Abaco Mangrove Survey

Mangrove ecosystems are conspicuous, ecologically important, coastal habitats. They protect inland areas from storms by breaking waves and preventing erosion. Mangrove creeks also provide excellent habitat for many important species we rely on for food and recreation (e.g., Nassau Grouper, Spiny Lobster, Bonefish). So loss of mangrove ecosystems is rather detrimental. There are many factors, both abiotic (salinity, hydrology) and biotic (insect grazing, disease) that may contribute to mangrove loss.

We are investigating how plant pathogens may contribute to mangrove loss here on Abaco. This survey will help detect the incidence of plant disease in Red Mangroves across this island. Join our efforts to survey Abaco’s mangroves. Here are the mangrove survey guidelines and our online submission form. Check out our interactive survey map below to view sampled locations and results.

Survey Map