BMMRO & Beaked Whales in the News

Our friends at the Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organisation (BMMRO) recently completed a pilot study that will help scientists measure the size of Beaked Whales. See their work featured in Coastal Angler magazine here.

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Fish pee on coral reefs in the Caribbean makes Canadian Broadcasting Company

An interview I did a few months ago for Quarks and Quirks on CBC radio recently aired.  Yes, of course, it is more about fish pee, but I thought I would post it all the same.  It is pretty funny. Scroll down a bit for the actual interview.

Corals influence the microbial community around them

A recent study found that corals influence the microbial community surrounding them by both consuming them and facilitating microbial growth. See popular news articles here and here and a brief summary below.

The researchers used a lab experiment to test how the presence and absence of corals affected microbial communities present in seawater. When corals were placed […]

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World’s largest marine reserve established in Antarctica

Big news: within the past few weeks world leaders from 24 nations and the European Union have established the largest marine reserve ever (1,550,00o square km).  This reserve will be divided between no-take and scientific research zones where fishing will be permitted for scientific purposes.  Many are in favor of large no-take reserves, but others have differing opinions.  Ray Hilborne, […]

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Animal Pee in the Sea

Yes. That again. I gave a department seminar yesterday that compiles all we have been doing over the last couple of years, so thought I would throw it up (Link here). Might be hard to follow without my corny verbal commentary, but at least some good pictures and figures. Thanks to all of you who have helped make this […]

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Epoxying endangered species: satellite transmitters deployed

A couple of weeks ago we deployed 3 Platform Terminal Transmitters (PTTs) onto 3 hawksbill sea turtle females after they nested (we discussed planning for this in a previous post). The process could not have been fun for the 3 turtles, but we tried to minimize our impacts while setting us up to get some invaluable information.

First, we did standard measurements […]

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Greenland shark is longest living vertebtrate

A recent study showed that the greenland shark, an animal that scientists had previously suspected was long-lived, can reach ages of nearly 400 years.  Previous research in the 1930s had shown that these fish, which can grow up to 5 meters in length, only grow about 1 centimeter per year.  This is a surprisingly slow growth rate, even for the extreme […]

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Letting the birds do the work

Weather has always been hard to predict.  One of the difficulties is developing enough weather stations throughout the world to compile the data needed for accurate predictions.  Well, now scientists are starting to learn from the worlds expert travelers: birds.  In a recent study, scientists placed small GPS trackers on these long-ranged fliers allowing them to accurately calculate wind speeds wherever […]

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