What an Honor for Jake (and thanks to all on Abaco)

Dr. Jacob Allgeier has been awarded the prestigious Packard Fellowship. This is a tremendous honor. It is a testament to his hard work, as well as to all of the support he has received from numerous folks on Abaco. I am really excited to see what new research will emerge in the coming years from Jake’s lab. […]

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A Transparent Future

When I interviewed for a faculty job at North Carolina State University, a professor asked me: “What is an unsolvable problem in science that you would like to solve?” That is the type question one can never prepare for! I have thought at length about this question, and I always come back to this answer: transparent, complete, and available flow of information […]

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Rolling Harbour

We haven’t mentioned the Rolling Harbour website in some time.  If you are not familiar with it, it is a nice site for Bahamas natural history observations. Check it out – here is the latest.

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Sargassum Accumulations on Caribbean Beaches

Over the last 8 years or so, many Caribbean Islands have been challenged by massive Sargassum algae accumulations on beaches (a Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute fact sheet here, and a high resolution link to the poster here). These accumulations may have many deleterious effects on species that utilize beach habitat, including for nesting turtles. See for instance

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Antigua to Bahamas hawksbill migration

After finishing nesting on Long Island, Antigua this past summer, this satellite-tagged hawksbill traveled for more than a month to Long Island, Bahamas. The Long Island-to-Long Island migration covered some 1,600 km, one of the longest migrations we have documented at the early stages of our satellite tracking efforts. A cool way to connect study areas among Layman Lab members! […]

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