Highlights from the 2016 International Sea Turtle Symposium

The 2016 International Sea Turtle Symposium (ISTS) recently took place in Lima, Peru. I attended and presented a poster on the issue of sargassum accumulation on our nesting beach in Antigua and the rest of the eastern Caribbean. We have touched on this issue in previous posts, including a natural history note that came out in September.

ISTS Lima proved to be an […]

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Marine Megafauna Enjoying Abaco’s Non-developed Shorelines

By Stephanie Wenclawski

Here is an update on our drone project looking at how human activities may affect the distribution of marine megafauna such as sea turtles, sharks, and rays (see here and here for previous posts). So far, we have seen more marine wildlife in non-developed areas with just minutes of aerial footage.  For more detail on our […]

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Hatchling season is in full swing

An update from Antigua and new NCSU graduate student Andrew Maurer.  Thanks Andrew!

Hatchling season is upon us on Long Island, Antigua. Nests that we saw deposited 50-60 days ago are hatching, often multiple in a night. It usually happens so fast we only see the tracks they leave behind. Seeing tiny hawksbill hatchlings leaves no doubt about it, this is […]

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Sargassum and nesting turtles

A quick update from new NCSU graduate student Andrew Maurer on the sargassum mats in the Eastern Caribbean.  Thanks Andrew.

“Huge influxes of sargassum seaweed on coasts and nearshore waters throughout the Caribbean are drawing more and more attention from all sectors, especially conservation organizations. There are benefits to beaches such as stabilization and vast nutrient provision. Oceanic sargassum is also […]

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Hawksbill Nesting Project

New NCSU graduate student Andy Maurer sent in an update on his research on Antigua.  Cool stuff…..

Hawksbill nesting season with the Jumby Bay Hawksbill Project in Antigua is well under way. After 3 weeks of monitoring, we have had 25 nests laid by 21 females. Many more to come. There have been 8 first time nesters, or neophytes, already this […]

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New Hawksbill Project

A BBC story on an important hawksbill nesting location in Antigua.  Timely, as we have just accepted a new student, Andrew Maurer, into the NCSU graduate program.  Andrew will conduct his field work at this site, looking at factors that affect nesting success in hawksbills.  Some of the hawksbills that take up residence in The Bahamas, may well have […]

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Loggerhead Connection

A new paper on the repeated migrations of loggerheads from their residence areas in The Bahamas to nesting beaches in the Dry Tortugas.  Remarkable they track back to the same areas after each trip.  Here is the paper summary:

Background: Delineation of home ranges, residence and foraging areas, and migration corridors is important for understanding the habitat needs for a […]

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Prop Scar Research

An update from FIU graduate student Jenn Sweatman.  Thanks Jenn!

In my post last September, I discussed a project I was conducting in the seagrass beds around Abaco.  The primary focus of the project was to understand how the presence of propeller scars in seagrass bed affects the community of grazing amphipods, which are tiny shrimp-like animals that eat algae […]

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Sea Turtle Grazing Project

FIU graduate student Elizabeth Whitman asked me to post this.  I am really interested as there are SO many green turtles these days.  I predict we will much taller seagrass in the turtle exclosures after only months.

If you’ve ever explored the tidal creek systems of Abaco, you probably noticed that’s is a preferred hangout for juvenile green sea turtles. Abundant […]

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