New Mangrove Patches in The Marls Found with Leaf Lesions

After a quick field survey in The Marls, we found several new Red Mangrove patches (yellow stars on the map) that had the same leaf lesions previously found at a die-off site (red star on the map).We are working on identifying the potential pathogen through DNA analyses. We will keep you updated on any progress we make.

In the […]

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A Quick Update on The Marls Mangrove Die-Off

Below are several photos depicting what we’ve found on our recent sampling trips to The Marls. The first two show an insect that we’ve seen several times now. We are still working on identifying it but for now we know it is similar to a scaly cricket. Whether or not this insect is responsible for the grazing that we’ve noted […]

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A Neat Find in The Marls!

While doing routine sampling in The Marls, we came across a pupfish that we had not previously seen.  The fish swam through a puddle of standing seawater.  As it swam, it would jump out of the water and dig into the sediment before resurfacing.  Thankfully the pupfish was still enough that we were able to catch it and take some pictures.  […]

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The cages are up in The Marls!

After several long days filled with the hot sun, thunderstorms and downpours, the cages are up in The Marls! A huge thank you to the folks at the Abaco Lodge for all of their assistance!

What are the cages for?

The idea behind this experiment is to investigate the interaction of two factors that may contribute to the die-off of dwarf red […]

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