Friends of the Environment Shark Course

Here are some photos of our recent course we did with Friends of the Environment focused on shark ecology and conservation. This two day course was inspired to help educate students on the importance of the recent shark ban that prohibits commercial shark fishing and promotes a catch and release recreational program nationwide here in The Bahamas. Further, the course went […]

We are not the only ones that enjoy Spiny Lobster

I am not sure that the nurse sharks along eastern shores in Abaco are aware that lobster season is closed right now. For part of the coral restoration project we record the fish communities along our artificial reefs to catch a glimpse of the fish that might not be present when we are doing snorkel surveys. Well, today was a […]

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Coastal Sharks along Great Abaco

While most people are now well aware of personal drones being in the sky around the island, you just might see one that is working hard for marine research. With the support of Save Our Seas Foundation and collaboration with FRIENDS, this summer I will using a DJI© drone to test its use as a non-invasive method to monitor marine […]

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Shark Intern Scholarship at Cape Eleuthera Institute

Cape Eleuthera Institute is offering a scholarship for their 6-month internship as part of their Shark Research and Conservation Program (LINK to application). It looks like a great opportunity for young Bahamians interested in Marine Biology and Conservation!

From their advertisement:

The Cape Eleuthera Institute is accepting Scholarship applications to join the Shark Research and Conservation Program as a Research Intern for […]

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Bimini Sharklab featured in The Independent

Today, The Independent features a short story about a reporter’s brief visit to the Bimini Sharklab. There’s not a lot of substance in the article but it’s great to see such positive sentiments about the conservation-focused research work done in The Bahamas being featured in an internationally read paper.

Link to Article

Link to Video

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A new paper on hammerhead shark conservation

A new paper published today in BioScience by researchers from University of Miami’s R. J. Dunlap Marine Conservation Program, and The Dept. of Applied Ecology at NC State has just come out discussing extinction proneness in wild populations. The paper uses hammerhead sharks as a model, or case study, to argue that suites of highly derived adaptations make taxa […]

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