New Shark Database Launched

‘To unify shark conservation efforts worldwide, marine life experts have just launched a new database containing information on some of the planet’s most threatened sharks.

The online tool, called the “Database of measures on conservation and management of sharks,” also includes information on threatened skates, rays and chimaeras, which are all related to sharks. It was created by FAO-CITES, […]

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Do Sharks Associate with Fish Spawning Aggregations?

This new study (see paper here) investigated whether three species of shark utilize deep Caribbean reefs. Shark species studied were Tiger, Lemon and Caribbean Reef sharks. The researchers found that out of the three species, Lemon sharks were consistently found at deep reefs during spawning aggregations. Though this study was done in the U.S Virgin Islands, it would […]

A FINtastic week with Sharks4Kids in Abaco

As expected, last week was an absolute success in Abaco as we hosted Sharks4Kids to present at multiple public schools on Great Abaco Island (previous post here). We started our week down south in Sandy Point at JA Pinder Primary, then to Crossing Rocks Public School, making our way to Central Abaco Primary School, and then finished up […]

Sharks4Kids: Bringing shark education into the classroom

Sharks4Kids will be in Abaco next week to visit several public schools!  As part of the ‘Drone Diaries of the Bahamas’ project, which is geared towards shark research and conservation (see some past posts here, here, and here), one of our main objectives is to increase shark awareness to the public and more importantly, to the kids! Therefore, […]

How do we know if we are spotting them all?

By Stephanie Wenclawski

Here is an update on our drone project looking at how human activities may affect the distribution of marine megafauna such as sea turtles, sharks, and rays (see here and here for our previous posts). It is well known that marine organisms have evolved to blend into their environment to an extent . For example, sharks are […]

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Study Finds Shark Hotspots Overlap with Commercial Fishing Locations

‘A new study from an international team of scientists found commercial fishing vessels target shark hotspots, areas where sharks tend to congregate, in the North Atlantic. The researchers suggest that sharks are at risk of being overfished in these oceanic hotspots.’ To read more, here is an article summarizing their findings and  here is a link to their […]

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‘It’s Better in the Bahamas Shark Sanctuary’

Beth Whitman, a PhD candidate at FIU that has been working on Abaco for a couple years now, worked very hard this summer in The Bahamas assisting with Paul G. Allen’s Global Fin Print. Using Baited Remote Underwater Video (or BRUVs), researchers around the globe have been surveying marine life on coral reefs and here is a short clip […]

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Marine Megafauna Enjoying Abaco’s Non-developed Shorelines

By Stephanie Wenclawski

Here is an update on our drone project looking at how human activities may affect the distribution of marine megafauna such as sea turtles, sharks, and rays (see here and here for previous posts). So far, we have seen more marine wildlife in non-developed areas with just minutes of aerial footage.  For more detail on our […]

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‘Drone Diaries of the Bahamas’ Update

Stephanie Wenclawski, an undergraduate at NC State, has joined our lab to work on our ongoing project that is using drone footage to investigate the distribution of coastal marine megafauna in developed and non-developed areas on Abaco.  Over the past two weeks she has been diligently analyzing our footage and has found some really interesting observations. In one video from […]

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‘Sharks and Us’

Recently posted on Save Our Seas Foundation blog, is an update on one of our ongoing projects, “Do human activities drive the distribution of coastal shark abundances?”

In the SOSF article ‘Shark and Us’, there is a brief video that captures some of the main thoughts and opinions I have heard over this past summer regarding sharks in Bahamian […]

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