Sometimes Protecting One Species Harms Another

An article about how increasing parrotfish populations in parts of the Pacific may be harming coral reefs.  This parallels the potential scenario in The Bahamas, where increasing turtle populations may graze down seagrass beds, as has been seen in Bermuda.  Photo from Jenny Huang via Flickr.

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Prop Scar Research

An update from FIU graduate student Jenn Sweatman.  Thanks Jenn!

In my post last September, I discussed a project I was conducting in the seagrass beds around Abaco.  The primary focus of the project was to understand how the presence of propeller scars in seagrass bed affects the community of grazing amphipods, which are tiny shrimp-like animals that eat algae […]

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Fish Mansions Intact

We are back on Abaco checking out the reefs we built last summer.  Incredible how many fish have moved to them just 5 months after they were built.  One of projects this trip will be to compile a complete food web of one reef – what are all of these fish eating?  We will provide updates as we go.

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