Coral Nursery Restoration Course in Nassau

As my PhD research progresses, I am fine tuning my interest  to questions regarding coral restoration and its potential positive effects on reef fish communities. I recently came across this amazing course that will be offered Jan 3 2015 in Nassau. Offered by Stuart Cove Dive Bahamas and the Nature Conservancy, you will learn “coral identification, biology, reproduction, why coral nurseries are […]

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Using Fish Behavior to Assess Habitat Quality

Our lab recently published a paper on fish behavior before and after an oyster reef restoration effort in Jupiter, Florida (paper here – scroll down to page 140).  The restoration consisted of adding bags of dead oyster shell, which then provided a base for settlement of new live oysters.  The small reefs were rapidly colonized by oyster spat and small shrimp, crabs and […]

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Feature Conference Presenter: Craig Dahlgren

Bonefish pond












Craig will be speaking on the efforts to improve the Bonefish Pond
area on New Providence – a summary of this project here. Craig may
know more about Bahamian marine ecosystems than any scientist
working in the country.  You can find many of his papers in the archive.
One of […]

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