Transforming seawalls with fake mangroves

A research group from University of Kansas are investigating an interesting way to transform manmade structures in our waterways. Dr. Keith Van de Reit and students have added fake red mangrove panels to a seawall in Fort Myers, FL. They plan to monitor the fake mangroves to see whether they will attract marine organisms that utilize mangrove roots for […]

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Hilarious new educational film on our research in Haiti – in Haitian Creole

We have been working with Loggerhead Productions for the past few years on creating films and documentaries about our work in Haiti.  Recently Matt just finished a new education film on our local work in Haiti that we will be distributing around to schools and communities in the area where we are working around Ile A Vache, Haiti.

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Coral restoration: New plans to transplant a million corals in the Caribbean and Florida keys

Here is a short summary of the upcoming plans in restoring hard, reef–building coral species  into the Caribbean and along the southern Floridian coastline. Click here to see what restoration initiatives Mote Marine Lab, The Nature Conservancy, and several other U.S. and international partners have for our coral reefs.

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Undergraduate’s Perspective: Coral Review

Stemming from my last post (see here), I briefly mentioned coral transplantation and the species I am studying. However, I failed to recognize that a year ago all of the terms, ideas, and experiments were a bunch of individual puzzle pieces that I struggled to put together to get the complete picture. I went to The Bahamas with limited […]

Coral Restoration Project off Eastern Shores

Off to a great start this summer along the eastern shore of Abaco. This field season I am continuing with my coral restoration work and asking ‘how do coral restored areas affect the local reef community?’ One of the questions I will be asking this year will be investigating the interactions between fish and coral health. Specifically, I will be […]

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The Nature Conservancy’s Coral Outplanting in Nassau

Last week I had the pleasure to work with several experienced coral restoration  employees from The Nature Conservancy, Mote Marine Lab, and BREEF. With the incredible help from Stuart Cove and employees, we outplanted over 1200 coral propagules from the Nassau coral nursery in three days! Here is a short video of our outplanting thank you to Shelby Hammett. I am […]

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Let’s Think Positive! Potential Consumer-Mediated Feedback from Coral Restoration

Today was the ZGSA Symposium at NC State North Carolina and we had some fabulous talks and posters from the Zoology and Entomology graduate students. Here is a poster of a project I will be doing along the eastern shore of Abaco starting this May. Here I will use artificial reef to ask if branched coral structure promotes […]

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