Prop Scar Research

An update from FIU graduate student Jenn Sweatman.  Thanks Jenn!

In my post last September, I discussed a project I was conducting in the seagrass beds around Abaco.  The primary focus of the project was to understand how the presence of propeller scars in seagrass bed affects the community of grazing amphipods, which are tiny shrimp-like animals that eat algae […]

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Plastic Densities in Ocean Surface Waters Less Than Previously Estimated

A new study has compiled samples from 3,070 different sites worldwide to quantify plastics in ocean surface waters. Approximately 7,000 to 35,000 tons of plastics cover ocean surface waters. Interestingly, previous estimates for plastics in ocean surface waters were much higher (almost 100 times greater) than what was found in this study. Although this new estimate is much lower […]

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If Feces Catch Your Fancy…

Ever wonder about estimates of feces worldwide? Check out this figure and blog post that myself, classmates and colleagues worked on at North Carolina State University! In the figure, we provide worldwide estimates for humans and a few different species of livestock. In total, our estimate equates to 12.8 million Olympic sized swimming pools full of feces each year!

Here on Abaco, […]

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A short visit to the Cherokee dump

Yesterday we visited the Cherokee dump site, briefly, to get a glimpse of the state of the mangroves there. Though the peat was rich with organic matter, it is hard to say how the mangroves are faring otherwise. We took some preliminary sediment and leaf samples that will be analyzed for bacteria and nutrients. Over the course of the summer, […]

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Man-O-War it is….

As we posted last week, a major research focus this summer is building a series
of artificial reefs across the Caribbean.  In The Bahamas, we wanted to find a site
with human-derived nutrient input and a second site without.  For the impacted
site we had targeted Marsh Harbour proper, with a backup being Hope Town
Harbour.  To our surprise, in each place, there is almost […]

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Dock Fouling Communities Improve Water Quality

Our lab has just published a new paper on dock piling “fouling” communities.  In coastal ecosystems, one of the most important services that we value are the ability of filter feeding organisms (oysters, mussels, sponges, barnacles, etc.) to improve water quality.  By removing particles from the water, and depositing them in the form of excretion on the ocean bottom, […]

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