Endemic Plants of San Sal

A guess post from Lee Kass about her recent paper. An intro from Lee followed by paper details from her abstract. Thanks Lee!

Endemic Seed Plants of San Salvador Island and their Importance for Plant Conservation

The Island of San Salvador in the Bahama Archipelago is believed to have been the landfall of Christopher Columbus and his crew […]

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Sigatoka on Banana

Black and Yellow Sigatoka are two of the most common fungal diseases that infect bananas and plantains. Both diseases have the potential to cause major yield losses if left unchecked. These diseases cause lesions on leaves that greatly reduce the photosynthetic capacity of leaves, thus reducing the availability of food for the plant itself. These diseases are widespread and present in […]

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Mangrove Fungus ID

Using DNA sequencing and morphological identification, we have established that a species of Pestalotiopsis could be the culprit behind the lesions. While a handful of different species of Pestalotiopsis have been identified on Red Mangroves in Florida, Bermuda, and China, most of these documentations identified species as saprobes (the fungus lives on decaying material) or endophytes (the fungus lives inside […]

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Mangroves at NC State!

While a great deal of our research on the mangrove die-off is done on Abaco in the mangroves, we also need to grow mangroves at NC State to use for laboratory testing. Leaves from the seedlings will be used to test whether the fungal samples we collected and grew in culture from Abaco will cause the same lesions we see […]

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Mapping the Mangrove Die-off

With the help of Dr. Chandra Giri of the US Geological Survey, we have begun to map the mangrove die-off in the Marls. Using Landsat images, or high resolution satellite images, and principles based on the optic properties of healthy vegetation we can calculate an index called the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, or NDVI. NDVI ranges from -1 to 1 […]

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A Quick Update on The Marls Mangrove Fungi

Good news! We have likely identified one fungal species that may lead to the lesions we have seen on the mangrove leaves. Preliminary data suggest that a Pestalotiopsis species (an Ascomycete fungus) may be a player in generating the lesions we see on the leaves in The Marls. Interestingly, this species has been found to cause leaf spots in Florida.

Though […]

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A Quick Update on The Marls Mangrove Die-Off

Below are several photos depicting what we’ve found on our recent sampling trips to The Marls. The first two show an insect that we’ve seen several times now. We are still working on identifying it but for now we know it is similar to a scaly cricket. Whether or not this insect is responsible for the grazing that we’ve noted […]

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The cages are up in The Marls!

After several long days filled with the hot sun, thunderstorms and downpours, the cages are up in The Marls! A huge thank you to the folks at the Abaco Lodge for all of their assistance!

What are the cages for?

The idea behind this experiment is to investigate the interaction of two factors that may contribute to the die-off of dwarf red […]

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