Sea Turtle Grazing Project

FIU graduate student Elizabeth Whitman asked me to post this.  I am really interested as there are SO many green turtles these days.  I predict we will much taller seagrass in the turtle exclosures after only months.

If you’ve ever explored the tidal creek systems of Abaco, you probably noticed that’s is a preferred hangout for juvenile green sea turtles. Abundant […]

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A new paper on hammerhead shark conservation

A new paper published today in BioScience by researchers from University of Miami’s R. J. Dunlap Marine Conservation Program, and The Dept. of Applied Ecology at NC State has just come out discussing extinction proneness in wild populations. The paper uses hammerhead sharks as a model, or case study, to argue that suites of highly derived adaptations make taxa […]

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BNT Feature Presenters: Melanie Devore and Deborah Freile

Thanks to Melanie for providing this summary of their research and

The Bahamas National Conchservation Campaign
has recruited the Bahamian public to join agencies, private entities and researchers
to protect The Bahamas’ favorite beautiful, tasty, mollusk the queen conch.  It is not
surprising that there are dozens of research papers on queen conch.  However, we
know very […]

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