Sea Turtle Grazing Project

FIU graduate student Elizabeth Whitman asked me to post this.  I am really interested as there are SO many green turtles these days.  I predict we will much taller seagrass in the turtle exclosures after only months.

If you’ve ever explored the tidal creek systems of Abaco, you probably noticed that’s is a preferred hangout for juvenile green sea turtles. Abundant […]

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Illegal Poaching

If one created a qualitative ratio of “severity of problem” to “general public awareness”, I speculate illegal fishing would be far ahead of any other issue in The Bahamas. A post here on this issue here.

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A new paper on hammerhead shark conservation

A new paper published today in BioScience by researchers from University of Miami’s R. J. Dunlap Marine Conservation Program, and The Dept. of Applied Ecology at NC State has just come out discussing extinction proneness in wild populations. The paper uses hammerhead sharks as a model, or case study, to argue that suites of highly derived adaptations make taxa more vulnerable to extinction at the hands of humans. […]

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Shark Chronicles

Follow the latest on an archipelago-wide cruise funded by the Moore
Foundation here.

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BNT Feature Presenters: Melanie Devore and Deborah Freile

Thanks to Melanie for providing this summary of their research and

The Bahamas National Conchservation Campaign http://www.bnt.bs/conchservation
has recruited the Bahamian public to join agencies, private entities and researchers
to protect The Bahamas’ favorite beautiful, tasty, mollusk the queen conch.  It is not
surprising that there are dozens of research papers on queen conch.  However, we
know very little about the general ecology and population structure of other large,
showy gastropods valued in the curio trade. Unlike conchs, helmets and triton are
predatory and their populations may not rebound once they collapse. Likewise, we
know very little regarding the impact of bulk collecting of targeted species used in
shell crafts.  During our presentation at the BNT Conference we will be discussing
the nature of commercial shell collecting and showing how some data can be obtained
using online catalogues from large, curio companies.  The conservation outlook for the
large, predatory gastropods so far is bleak.  The greatest hope for maintaining
populations of these iconic Bahamian mollusks rests in the waters of the Bahamas

 Abstract after the jump.


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The Conch Horn Newsletter

Conch lip












Volume 4 here.

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Lobster Pirate Reality Show?

Not even sure where to go on this one.  Trailer here.

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In the News: Iguana Sniffing Dogs and Poachers













The dog that sniffed out the smuggled iguanas and more on the poachers
arrested north of Andros.

UPDATE: Just came across another news item, a review of recycling in The Bahamas.

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Three Questions to Citizens About Conch

BNT video associated with the launch of Conchservation.  I found the
reactions to question 3 (at ~4:25) the most interesting.

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Feature Paper: Controlling Lionfish Does Protect Native Fish

New research investigating if lionfish removals really matter.  In short, this paper suggests it does.  I can’t upload the paper now – check back later; but here is a nice summary. The authors’ summary after the jump.

Also, note in the authors’ short video above how hidden the lionfish is.  As we have mentioned before, lionfish culling surely seems to be […]

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