A Fishwatcher’s Guide to Life, the Ocean and Everything

Came across this fun new book that alludes to, among so many other interesting natural history morsels, our research on fish “pee”.  Here are some quick excerpts: “… fish ecologist Jacob Allgeier spent years working out just how much coral reefs rely on fish pee. The practical side of his work … involved catching hundreds of fish species and carefully […]

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Fish pee on coral reefs in the Caribbean makes Canadian Broadcasting Company

An interview I did a few months ago for Quarks and Quirks on CBC radio recently aired.  Yes, of course, it is more about fish pee, but I thought I would post it all the same.  It is pretty funny. Scroll down a bit for the actual interview.

Hilarious new educational film on our research in Haiti – in Haitian Creole

We have been working with Loggerhead Productions for the past few years on creating films and documentaries about our work in Haiti.  Recently Matt just finished a new education film on our local work in Haiti that we will be distributing around to schools and communities in the area where we are working around Ile A Vache, Haiti.

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Fishing reduces fish pee on coral reefs

Yup, more about fish pee.  As a follow-up to work we have been conducting on the importance of fish excretion (pee) for coastal tropic ecosystems, we describe in a recent study how fishing pressure is reducing this source of nutrients by nearly half on coral reefs across the broader Caribbean. This study highlights an alternative way in which human […]

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Are you productive? Or just attractive?

We have posted much about our fish pee research (nutrient provision by the animals in their excretion), using artificial reefs as the experimental tools (here is video footage of one of our most successful reefs). In a recent paper (link here – if interested, the Introduction and Discussion are most relevant to read in detail), we take this research a next […]

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Lessons from the International Coral Reef Symposium: “We Must Reduce Carbon Emissions”

Last week some 3000 coral reef scientists, including the world’s foremost leaders in all aspects of coral reef ecosystems, met in Honolulu to discuss the fate of coral reefs.  The goal of this convention, which is held every four years, was to focus on positive action towards improving reef ecosystems. Unfortunately, when studying coral reefs it is difficult to be optimistic. […]

Saharan Dust Promotes Growth of Vibrio Bacteria

We have posted about Saharan dust before and the important role it plays in providing nutrients to The Bahamas (see here). This new article suggests that Saharan Dust is linked to population growth of Vibrio bacteria – bacteria known to cause health problems in humans and marine organisms. Below is a brief summary of the research article (see […]

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Gardening coral of our own

We have been talking a lot about the importance of fish pee for tropical coastal ecosystems over the past few years.  Most of this research has focused on the importance of fish pee for seagrasses and algae.  We are now extending these efforts to understand its importance for coral growth and development.

A recent study of ours provides compelling evidence […]

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