On to the Next Mangrove Project

Building up for a busy summer of mangrove studies, we started another new experiment this week.  One hypothesis on the die-off in The Marls is that the trees have just lost too many leaves to survive, perhaps due to fungal lesions or grazing insects.  We are testing this hypothesis by removing various proportions of leaves from individual […]

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Cool video: Nassau grouper eats lionfish like a pro!

Here’s a really cool video showing a Nassau grouper eating a lionfish. It definitely looks like it’s not the first time this fish has dealt with a lionfish. Also keep an eye on the lionfish’s amazing defenses, you can see why it’s such a tough meal!

Video was originally posted online by Lionfish University.

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Local Perspective on Marine Resource Regulation

A new paper from a human dimensions study on Andros.  Here is the Abstract:

Fisheries resources in the Caribbean suffer intense pressure from overharvesting. Some of the most valuable fisheries in The Bahamas, such as queen conch (Strombus gigas), spiny lobster (Panulirus argus), and Nassau grouper (Epinephelus striatus), are overexploited and require additional protection. Despite these pressures, we currently know […]

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NOAA announces two new Habitat Focus Areas in the Caribbean

Culebra Island, Puerto Rico CREDIT: NOAA Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

NOAA has selected two sites in the southeast and Caribbean as Habitat Focus Areas — places where the agency can maximize its habitat conservation investments and management efforts to benefit marine resources and coastal communities. […]

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Most Important Sites for Birds in The Bahamas

A new report from BirdLife on over 12,000 of the most important sites for birds in the world (summary here and pdf of report here).  Forty-two are in The Bahamas (BNT press release here).  Good to see The Bahamas featured (profile here), although many of the sites are pretty vague (see list here).

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