Fishing reduces fish pee on coral reefs

Yup, more about fish pee.  As a follow-up to work we have been conducting on the importance of fish excretion (pee) for coastal tropic ecosystems, we describe in a recent study how fishing pressure is reducing this source of nutrients by nearly half on coral reefs across the broader Caribbean. This study highlights an alternative way in which human […]

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Lessons from the International Coral Reef Symposium: “We Must Reduce Carbon Emissions”

Last week some 3000 coral reef scientists, including the world’s foremost leaders in all aspects of coral reef ecosystems, met in Honolulu to discuss the fate of coral reefs.  The goal of this convention, which is held every four years, was to focus on positive action towards improving reef ecosystems. Unfortunately, when studying coral reefs it is difficult to be optimistic. […]

Marine Megafauna Enjoying Abaco’s Non-developed Shorelines

By Stephanie Wenclawski

Here is an update on our drone project looking at how human activities may affect the distribution of marine megafauna such as sea turtles, sharks, and rays (see here and here for previous posts). So far, we have seen more marine wildlife in non-developed areas with just minutes of aerial footage.  For more detail on our […]

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Bonefish Sunscreen and More

Two new papers from CEI on recent bonefish research. One is on movements around Grand Bahama (pdf here and popular press article here) and the second on how sun protection products affect released fish (pdf here and popular press article here).

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Some more great news for the Caribbean: New Shark Sanctuary

Shark Sanctuaries Announced Around Dutch Caribbean Islands” (click link for article). Great news all around the Caribbean this week with new MPAS in The Bahamas and a Shark Sanctuary  in the Dutch Islands. It is fabulous to see such a growing support for the protection of some of the most ecologically and economically important ecosystems as well as the […]

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New National Parks for The Bahamas!

Great news for those who’ve worked so hard to get protected areas throughout The Bahamas! Four sites have been added on Abaco: The Marls of Abaco National Park, East Abaco Creek National Park, Cross Harbour National Park, and South Abaco Blue Holes National Park. See the document for the other parks on Crooked Island/ Acklins, Grand Bahama, Andros, […]

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Friends of the Environment Shark Course

Here are some photos of our recent course we did with Friends of the Environment focused on shark ecology and conservation. This two day course was inspired to help educate students on the importance of the recent shark ban that prohibits commercial shark fishing and promotes a catch and release recreational program nationwide here in The Bahamas. Further, the course went […]