Dolphin Vocalizations Used to Identify Distinct Populations

A team of scientists from Italy, Spain, Portugal, France Britain and the U.S recently determined that distinct populations of dolphins can be identified by their vocalizations. Although this research is in its early stages, there are hopes to use this finding for conservation and monitoring purposes. See more in this article here.


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Feature Paper: Fighting Dolphin

Never really thought about different species of dolphin fighting each other,
but this paper indeed suggests that is the case.  Another cool contribution
from the Wild Dolphin project.  Denise Herzing is well known for dolphin
research, in fact just saw her quoted regarding this incredible footage of 
dolphin “super pods”.  After the jump, the main findings of the study.

These results […]

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Hear Ear-splitting Navy Sonar

Article today updating the latest in law suits against the Navy regarding
sonar activities.  Both of the embedded videos allude to Bahamas
strandings.  Diane Claridge, who is presenting at the BNT conference, is
a leader in studying the relationship between military activity and
marine mammals.

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