It’s World Wetlands Day!

In honor of this day, here is a short update about mangrove research at NC State.

We collected many more leaf samples on our last trip to Abaco to better hone in on the plant pathogen causing lesions. Here are some photos of what fungal colonies we have growing from those leaves.

white fungal colonies

A closer look at a mangrove die-off

The first day of the 7th biennial ASAC meeting has come to an end! Here is a link to the talk about the mangrove die-off in The Marls: A closer look at a mangrove die-off

We will post more talks and posters from ASAC as they come in so stay tuned!

Andros Creek Restorations Ten Years On

We headed to Andros last week to check up on previous projects and think about future directions. I was excited to see how well our first two small creek restoration projects looked. When you restore flow to the creeks through a narrow channel, the current is so concentrated that it apparently keeps mangroves from again encroaching. This maintains habitat for dozens […]

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Feature ASAC poster: Trophic Ecology of Checkered Puffers

Two NC State undergraduates (Riki Bonnema and Allison Todd) worked with the Layman lab on this project.   Click here to learn more about the trophic ecology of Checkered Puffers.

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Mangrove Data From Moore’s Island

Thanks to one of the teachers from the 2015 BREEF Teacher Training Workshop, we have some new information on the state of mangroves on Moore’s Island. She and her students did a handful of mangrove surveys near their school. Most of  the mangroves sampled were white mangrove (Laguncularia racemosa) or black mangrove (Avicennia germinans). Students found that disease was relatively […]

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Infected Mangrove Leaves

The first inoculation trial was successful in that we were able to re-isolate the fungus (Pestalotiopsis) we infected leaves with from small, developing lesions. The second trial is underway and as you can see from the feature image, we are seeing similar lesion symptoms we see in the field in the lab. We have to re-isolate from this lesion […]

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Bonefish Tarpon Trust Special Conservation Issue

Bonefish and Tarpon Trust recently had published a series of papers from their 5th international symposium (overview and paper list here). This paper is a summary of the state of bonefish, permit and tarpon management – very approachable. If you want other papers, let us know and we can track them down.

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The EIA for Proposed Little Harbour Marina

Abaco Scientist was finally able to get a full copy of the proposed Little Harbour marina EIA – full pdf here. We are not as much concerned with what is in the actual document, but more so what isn’t. Most concerning is that Winding Bay staff outlined a radically different plan (including a much larger marina, R/O plant, 24 hour generator, […]

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Bonefish Sunscreen and More

Two new papers from CEI on recent bonefish research. One is on movements around Grand Bahama (pdf here and popular press article here) and the second on how sun protection products affect released fish (pdf here and popular press article here).

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