New Lionfish Invasion Updates

A note from Dr. Mark Hixon (pasted below) updating his lab’s lionfish research. In addition to the papers he highlights, there are are also some interesting findings regarding lionfish parasite release in the invaded range and how lionfish may disrupt fish cleaning stations.

“Now that my lab’s lionfish research is winding-down, I’ve finally updated our lionfish invasion web […]

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Regional Lionfish Diet Compilation

Here is a recent paper on lionfish prey compiled at a regional scale. The Abstract is pretty straight forward, so I will just paste that below. I think the key sentence is the last. Since lionfish are such generalist predators, their trophic role will vary substantially among regions, islands, ecosystems and individual habitats. My opinion remains the dire predictions […]

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Hear the roar of the lionfish recorded for the first time

Here is a popular press piece (link here) on the first documented sound production in lionfish. The original paper well qualifies that these data are just preliminary, but very interesting what role this sound production may play. Here is a paragraph from the article with some speculation:

Sound is a critical component of fish social behaviour and sound production […]

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Are prey naive to lionfish predation threat?

Andrea Anton’s paper on prey naiveté to lionfish predation threat is finally out. Here is the paper summary…

Native prey can be particularly vulnerable to consumption by exotic predators. Prey naiveté, the failure to recognize a novel predator due to lack of recent co-evolutionary history, likely facilitates the disproportionate impact that some exotic predators exert on prey populations. Lionfish Pterois volitans, […]

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The Lionfish Microbiome

A guest post from Julia Stevens, who we are collaborating with on a new lionfish project….

Lionfish have a close relationship with the bacteria living on their skin. Some of these bacteria, seemingly acquired from the environment, are part of a core microbiome that contains similar taxa in both the invaded and native ranges of the lionfish. Overall, the […]

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Not Your Average Fish Dissection

Commonplace in many biology courses, laboratory dissections allow students to investigate external and internal anatomy. Unfortunately, many dissection kits contain preserved specimens with faded coloration. At Forfar Field Station on North Andros Island, we have replaced traditional fish specimens with invasive lionfish. Local lionfish removed from Stafford Creek and Fresh Creek provide students with realistically colored models. Students are […]

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What if we are wrong about the lionfish invasion?

The bi-annual Abaco Science Alliance Conference is here. We want to get all posters and talks featured on Abaco Scientist (the first poster is up so far).  One talk on Friday will hopefully generate discussion about conservation priorities, specifically, where do lionfish rank among our most important conservation goals? Here is a draft of the presentation. It […]

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Controversies and consensus on the lionfish invasion in the Western Atlantic Ocean

A very interesting perspective on the lionfish invasion in this new paper (it is long, but an easy read). The author takes a social science perspective, assessing how the media, resource managers and other stakeholders view the invasion. My favorite parts are some of the extremist quotes she mentions, for example: “It’s like an oil spill that keeps reproducing and will keep […]

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Suck on lionfish?

One of the hypotheses why lionfish are such successful invaders is that they are not susceptible to native parasites in the Caribbean.  This paper describes one of the first studies to test the parasite hypothesis.  In short, in their experimental trials, all doctorfish were infected, yet only 1 lionfish was – a strong suggestion that this particular parasite doesn’t […]

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