The Strange Ecology of Cerion Snails

We came across a ton of these Cerion snails at Hole in the Wall this weekend, so I poked into their natural history a bit.  First, it is important to note that this is a model group of organisms for the study of evolutionary biology, including many studies by the late, famous, evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould (a previous post with a Gould […]

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When Bristle Worms Attack

One of the most fun things in science is discovering something completely new.  Dr. Betsy Stoner has done just that, observing bristle worms attacking and gorging on the upside-down jellyfish (which has few, if any, known predators).  We will post the article soon (it is in press), in the meantime here is some video that shows the worms attacking (action starts […]

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Nassau grouper stomach of the day

A measly little crab in a 14.5″ grouper.  This was a grouper we caught on a natural patch reef, and this crab prey item is consistent with our anecdotal observations of grouper diets.  That is, grouper <18″ in natural hard bottom or reef habitat largely feed on crabs and other invertebrates, whereas on our artificial reefs they almost exclusively feed on […]

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Cricket Sticky Feet

We tried out our simple “sticky traps” over night, and they indeed will allow us to collect crickets.  This will be an important step in exploring mangrove die-off, and we hope to link the presence of the cricket to incidence of fungal lesions.  Let us know if you want to help us catch crickets, and we will set […]

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Where’s the Reef?

Those of you who are fans of 80’s fast food commercials must be laughing hilariously right now…..but I digress.  We checked this reef just off Eastern Shores yesterday and it is completely covered in algae, less than a year since construction.  This will be a strength of our multi-site design, being able to identify specific factors that control plant/algae growth […]

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More on the Red Cave Shrimp

We got the following information from Bill Marx on Lubbers.  Thanks a lot Bill!!

Read your recent post on the Little Harbor shrimp with interest, I was going to post comment online but didn’t know if I could include links or pictures.

We have a house and property on Lubbers Quarters and have these shrimp living in anchialine pools pretty much in […]

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