Haiti's First MPA

Baby doctorfish















The Haitian government has just declared boundaries of the first marine
protected area in the country!!  This stemmed from The Nature Conservancy’s
concerted efforts with many collaborating partners.  Information from our
surveys (see here and here) fed into the site selection.  Also exciting, we
have preliminary support from the Haitian government […]

Could Deforestation Trump Climate Change Impacts on Coral Reefs at Small Scales?

Madagascar sediments The flux of sediments to reefs begins in the uplands

A recently published article in Nature Communications uses a land-use modeling exercise to address how future deforestation interacts with climate change to affect sedimentation rates on coastal reefs in Madagascar.  In summary they find that while […]

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A glimmer of hope


Craig Layman and I just got back from Haiti where we were working with The Nature Conservancy, who in collaboration with a larger Caribbean wide consortium of countries and not-for-profit organizations is attempting to establish marine protected areas throughout the greater Caribbean.  Our role was to explore as […]

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