One Trillion Expected in Damage to Coasts by 2100

A recent article in Climactic Change reported an economic analysis that suggests that climate change will cost the US twice as much as previous analyses estimated – increasing the estimate from $500 million to $1 trillion. Just to reiterate, that is 1,000,000,000,000 – lots of zeros. While there are always myriad considerations when attempting to predict such outcomes, this […]

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Ever-adaptable anoles might cope with a hotter world

The Washington Post covers a recent article on how Anolis lizards may be able to adapt to climate change (LINK).


Logan, ML, RM Cox, and R. Calsbeek. 2014. Natural selection on thermal performance in a novel thermal environment. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 111: 14165-14169.

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Collection of Coral Reef Papers

An academic journal, PeerJ, has recently gathered together the top 10 articles about coral reefs that have appeared in its pages. The subjects covered range from genetics to the interaction between Lionfish and Nassau Grouper. If you are interested in checking out any of the papers the collection can be found here:

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Limitations to reef recovery

This week an intriguing study came out in Science demonstrating with very conclusive findings that both coral and fish juveniles prefer to be in water that is more typical of a healthy as opposed to a degraded reef (pdf here).

Coral reefs that are degraded have a substantially greater proportion of weedy algae on them than coral themselves.  These algae are […]

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Bahamas Creation Linked to African Dust

Yet another study on the role of African dust in shaping the historic and current environment of the Caribbean (popular press summary here and the scientific article here). Authors’ summary after the jump.

The enigma of the Bahamas is that this highly productive carbonate system has existed for at least 100 m.y., building a vast edifice of carbonates, […]

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Range Expansion in Staghorn Coral

Another interesting post over at Sea Monster, this one on range expansions in staghorn coral (Zack Jud took the picture right in front of the Fort Lauderdale strip, of all places).

North Carolina State graduate student Stephanie Buhler will be simulating new staghorn growth on our artificial reefs around Abaco.  May help us predict future changes in reef communities […]

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Climate Change and Shifting Northern Limits of Mangroves

Climate change will affect many aspects of coastal ecosystems, especially the immensely important marshes and mangrove swamps that fuel many coastal fisheries. However, whether climate change will result in a net gain or loss of these coastal ecosystems remains unclear. In the case of mangrove forests, most research on their future extent has focused on direct destruction from anthropogenic impacts […]

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