Lost and Found: Israel Point Cave

A guest post from Ali Ball. What a cool find! Thanks Ali.


In July of 1904, American zoologist Glover M. Allen visited various caves in Abaco to collect bat specimens.

A hundred and ten years later Kelly Speer, a grad student at AMNH, generated a spreadsheet documenting bats that had been collected throughout the Bahamas, including those […]

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Parrotfish Build Entire Islands


New research shows that parrotfish excrement can build entire islands. The study was done in the Maldives and compared various sources of biogenic sand including boring sponges, sea urchins, calcifying algae (Halimeda), and parrotfish. They find that parrotfish contribute around 85% of the sand on their study island! That’s a lot of sand! It’s a good illustration of the diverse […]

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