Flooded sinkhole reveals ice age island ecology

Thanks to Janet Franklin for this guest post! A really amazing research program.

A paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA reports the richest set of late Pleistocene (ice age) vertebrates found on any Caribbean island to date (Abaco Scientist will post the pdf when it is available, but for now some popular media accounts here and […]

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Climate Change and Biodiversity – What can we learn from birds on islands?

Thanks to Janet Franklin for this guest post on their recent paper!  Really interesting to think back through these historical changes.

During the last Ice Age, the islands of the Bahamas were cooler, drier, and much larger than today because sea level was over 100 m lower.  The Bahamas also were much closer to the Greater Antillean islands of Cuba […]

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Shrinking conch: size-selective harvest and rapid evolutionary change


1748-9326_8_1_015016 Figure 1. Growth of Strombus pugilis, and measures of size and maturity used in this study. (g) is an example of a large mature animal from contemporary populations, while (h) is one of the larger animals from Prehuman populations, exemplifying the shift in size due to human […]

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