World squid and octopus populations on a rise

Finally some good news.  With all the drastic changes that are occurring in the worlds oceans, there are clear winners and losers.  A recent article has provided definitive proof that all cephalopods, a group that includes octopus, squid, and cuttlefish, are clear winners. Researchers concluded that cephalopods from New England to Japan have boomed since the 1950s.  What is interesting […]

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Sigatoka on Banana

Black and Yellow Sigatoka are two of the most common fungal diseases that infect bananas and plantains. Both diseases have the potential to cause major yield losses if left unchecked. These diseases cause lesions on leaves that greatly reduce the photosynthetic capacity of leaves, thus reducing the availability of food for the plant itself. These diseases are widespread and present in […]

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Our Plastic Problem is making the news

As a graduate student I have email alerts for various marine science subjects to try and keep up to date with the latest articles, news posts, blogs, etc. Well, this past week I had an influx of alerts regarding the tremendous amount of plastic that is going into our oceans and wanted to share. Here an article predicts that […]

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History of Food Web Ecology Paper Out

Working with a group of NCSU graduate students, we put together a brief history of “food web ecology”, i.e., model networks of consumer-resource interactions among a group of organisms, populations, or aggregate trophic units. We framed the study through contributions of 14 accomplished food web ecologists.  The journal posted a pre-print of the paper on-line (still needs a few final […]

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Are Lionfish Numbers Up or Down?

In talking with others over recent months, and based on my own observations, lionfish population size seemed to be dropping around Abaco.  But much evidence to the contrary this trip.  There was at least 1 lionfish, and as many as 6, on the small reefs we built back in 2009.  And yesterday I checked some of the sites we used […]

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Shrinking conch: size-selective harvest and rapid evolutionary change


1748-9326_8_1_015016 Figure 1. Growth of Strombus pugilis, and measures of size and maturity used in this study. (g) is an example of a large mature animal from contemporary populations, while (h) is one of the larger animals from Prehuman populations, exemplifying the shift in size due to human […]

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