Encouraging Comments on Conch Conservation

Encouraging comments from Agriculture and Marine Resources Minister Michael Pintard following the recent study on a potential collapse in the conch fishery. I met Minister Pintard recently when a Bahamian delegation visited North Carolina, and he was especially interested in our creek restoration research (see here and here for instance) and the involvement of Bahamian students in […]

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Nassau grouper recognized under the Endangered Species Act

The U.S. now recognizes Nassau grouper as a Threatened Species under the Endangered Species Act. Nassau grouper have been heavily harvested throughout its native range and many efforts are being placed to recover their populations (see here and here ). Along the Florida coastline they are considered to be commercially extinct, meaning their abundance is too low to harvest. This is […]

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The EIA for Proposed Little Harbour Marina

Abaco Scientist was finally able to get a full copy of the proposed Little Harbour marina EIA – full pdf here. We are not as much concerned with what is in the actual document, but more so what isn’t. Most concerning is that Winding Bay staff outlined a radically different plan (including a much larger marina, R/O plant, 24 hour generator, […]

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Anchor Projects: New Name, Same T’ing

The latest from Conch Salad TV here.  I would say quite relevant for Abaco right now.  Here is Conch Salad’s summary of the video:

Anchor Projects are still being proposed and constructed in the Bahamas family islands. And the government is keeping all of these projects a secret from the Bahamian people. Watch this video to learn about […]

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Annual Closed Season for Nassau Grouper

Good news! The Bahamian government has established a closed season (no fishing or possession allowed) for Nassau grouper from December 1st- February 28 this year and EVERY YEAR from here on out. You can read more about this closure here and here. This is great news for Bahamian coral reefs! We have posted about Nassau grouper before and you […]

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Illegal Poaching

If one created a qualitative ratio of “severity of problem” to “general public awareness”, I speculate illegal fishing would be far ahead of any other issue in The Bahamas. A post here on this issue here.

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Update on San Salvador Iguana smugglers – 12 month sentences

An update on the Iguana smugglers was published in The Telegraph:

“Two “highly-intelligent, well-travelled young women” caught smuggling 13 critically-endangered iguanas, with a potential black market value of £260,000, were each jailed for 12 months.”  […]

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