Fibropapilloma disease in Abaco’s green turtles

by Beth Whitman and Hannah Levenson

The relatively pristine coastal marine habitats of the Abacos attracts many juvenile and sub-adult sea turtles. The 2009 ban of turtle hunting and egg collecting in all of the Bahamas further provides an ideal destination for young and growing turtles before they mature and move on to their mating habitats. So if this is a […]

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A new paper on hammerhead shark conservation

A new paper published today in BioScience by researchers from University of Miami’s R. J. Dunlap Marine Conservation Program, and The Dept. of Applied Ecology at NC State has just come out discussing extinction proneness in wild populations. The paper uses hammerhead sharks as a model, or case study, to argue that suites of highly derived adaptations make taxa […]

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Update on San Salvador Iguana smugglers – 12 month sentences

An update on the Iguana smugglers was published in The Telegraph:

“Two “highly-intelligent, well-travelled young women” caught smuggling 13 critically-endangered iguanas, with a potential black market value of £260,000, were each jailed for 12 months.”  […]

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