‘Sharks and Us’

Recently posted on Save Our Seas Foundation blog, is an update on one of our ongoing projects, “Do human activities drive the distribution of coastal shark abundances?”

In the SOSF article ‘Shark and Us’, there is a brief video that captures some of the main thoughts and opinions I have heard over this past summer regarding sharks in Bahamian […]

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Friends of the Environment Shark Course

Here are some photos of our recent course we did with Friends of the Environment focused on shark ecology and conservation. This two day course was inspired to help educate students on the importance of the recent shark ban that prohibits commercial shark fishing and promotes a catch and release recreational program nationwide here in The Bahamas. Further, the course went […]

Sargassum and nesting turtles

A quick update from new NCSU graduate student Andrew Maurer on the sargassum mats in the Eastern Caribbean.  Thanks Andrew.

“Huge influxes of sargassum seaweed on coasts and nearshore waters throughout the Caribbean are drawing more and more attention from all sectors, especially conservation organizations. There are benefits to beaches such as stabilization and vast nutrient provision. Oceanic sargassum is also […]

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COB student’s research experience featured in National Geographic

Opportunities to participate in research, in the lab or field, leaves valuable and deep impressions. A College of The Bahamas (COB) student recounts her experience joining Shedd Aquarium’s research team to study highly endangered Bahamian iguanas. Her brief, but enriching story is featured in Nat Geo’s Voices page: A life-changing experience studying iguanas in the Bahamas.

“Arriving on Andros – […]

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The Nature Conservancy’s Coral Outplanting in Nassau

Last week I had the pleasure to work with several experienced coral restoration  employees from The Nature Conservancy, Mote Marine Lab, and BREEF. With the incredible help from Stuart Cove and employees, we outplanted over 1200 coral propagules from the Nassau coral nursery in three days! Here is a short video of our outplanting thank you to Shelby Hammett. I am […]

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Annual Closed Season for Nassau Grouper

Good news! The Bahamian government has established a closed season (no fishing or possession allowed) for Nassau grouper from December 1st- February 28 this year and EVERY YEAR from here on out. You can read more about this closure here and here. This is great news for Bahamian coral reefs! We have posted about Nassau grouper before and you […]

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