The EIA for Proposed Little Harbour Marina

Abaco Scientist was finally able to get a full copy of the proposed Little Harbour marina EIA – full pdf here. We are not as much concerned with what is in the actual document, but more so what isn’t. Most concerning is that Winding Bay staff outlined a radically different plan (including a much larger marina, R/O plant, 24 hour generator, […]

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Anchor Projects: New Name, Same T’ing

The latest from Conch Salad TV here.  I would say quite relevant for Abaco right now.  Here is Conch Salad’s summary of the video:

Anchor Projects are still being proposed and constructed in the Bahamas family islands. And the government is keeping all of these projects a secret from the Bahamian people. Watch this video to learn about […]

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Thoughts on the Treasure Sands Dredging

I have been asked by a number of people to comment on the Treasure Sands dredging project near Treasure Cay. The following thoughts are based on my observations and experience in similar systems.

Please note that my knowledge/expertise pertains to the ecology and biology of the existing dredged channel and the future dredging plans.  I understand that much of the controversy […]

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Bonefish Spawning: Updated Video


We headed down to search for the aggregations, but missed them.  But we
did document some other amazing aspects of this Bay.  It has to be one of
the healthiest areas of Acropora coral remaining in the Caribbean region,
and the densities of large fish are incredible.  Much more to come soon
on our trip. This bay and surrounding area MUST be protected.

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