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New summary of mangrove die-off research

Recently we posted about bringing our mangrove disease research into the classroom. In addition to bringing field and lab skills into the classroom, we also developed a blog post for students to read and analyze as an addition to the mangrove education curriculum developed by Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation.  You can check […]

  • Mangrove disease discussion
  • Assisting mangrove isolations
  • Labeled petri plates
  • Students with isolations

Mangrove outreach in the classroom

We recently began a collaboration with the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation where we are bringing our disease research on mangroves into the classroom. We worked with Amy Heemsoth, director of education at Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation, to develop a lesson plan in which students help collect and isolate disease from mangrove leaves. We recently piloted this […]

‘What will happen to the Bahamas when all the Conch is gone?’

“Let’s think about tomorrow, there are some simple rules to follow: preservation, moderation, we need some Conchservation. Conch Gone!”

Under the direction of Lavado Stubbs, ConchBoy films, with several musicians, a new music video came out today to help the conservation of conch for The Bahamas (article here). A widespread effort between entertainers and several conservation and management organizations throughout The Bahamas to give us a glimpse of our future if ‘we do not come together to conserve our precious resource’.  If you need a quick pick me up on this Friday with a great message and tune to go along with it, click HERE!

If you would like to be apart of the Conchservation movement, please sign BNT’s petition HERE to help protect baby conch in The Bahamas.


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National Geographic: Mapping Abaco Blue Holes

One of the most unique natural features that can be found on Great Abaco Island, The Bahamas are blue holes. Located along Abaco’s shorelines or inland within the thick of Abaco’s pine forests, these underwater caverns are incredibly extensive and a gem to share. Right now, National Geographic is teaming up with local divers, scientists, and schools to begin mapping the blue hole system in south Abaco. This cave system is potentially the most extensive island cave system in the world. Check out their daily blog HERE to see short videos, shared experiences, and outreach they are doing as local schools take a field trip with Nat Geo.


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‘International Partnership Trains Bahamians in Reef Restoration’

Check out the latest coral reef restoration efforts in The Bahamas. Click here for article.

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New Reefs Are Born: ampil pipi poisson

As an extension of our on-going research in Haiti, we recently kicked off a new artificial reef project.  Working with local fishers, we have constructed two clusters of artificial reefs, one of which the locals will actively use for harvesting fishes and the other that they will collectively protect from fishing. Building on what we have learned from other projects, we have chosen to […]

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  • Abigail collecting data for red mangroves at the experiment site.
  • Chewed and diseased mangrove leaves.
  • Potential macro grazer.
  • Syringes filled with salt pellets near the roots of a flagged red mangrove tree.
  • Pore water extraction set up for salinity level testing.

Meet Abigail, an undergraduate from College of The Bahamas

See below for a guest post from College of The Bahamas student, Abigail Wallace. Thanks for your hard work, Abigail!

My name is Abigail Wallace and I am a Biochemistry undergraduate student at the College of The Bahamas in Freeport, Grand Bahama. This May, I assisted Ryann Rossi, a PhD candidate from NC State University, with her research on Red Mangrove […]

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Spotted Dolphins of The Bahamas

Conch Salad TV has just posted a new video about the Spotted Dolphins of The Bahamas. See video here.

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NC State’s Undergraduate Research Symposium

Another North Carolina post to congratulate two of our undergraduates who presented their independent research at the  NC State’s Annual Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium. Elisabeth Frasch is an undergraduate in the department of Forestry and Environmental Resources as well as a College of Natural Resources Student Ambassador. Last summer she received a NC State undergraduate fellowship to travel to Abaco, The Bahamas to […]

Shad in the Classroom: North Carolina Outreach

Shad in the Classroom is a hands-on, science learning opportunity for grade school 5-12 run by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in collaboration with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The program is a minimum of two weeks in the classroom spanning topics from fish biology, food web ecology, and stream ecology. […]

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