A Recorded History of Plover Jonesy

Verbatim from our local reporter. Amazing how far that small of a bird can travel.

  1. Banded as an adult male on 6/4/15 on the coast of Rhode Island by Peter Paton (Professor, Dept. of Natural Resources Science, Univ. of Rhode Island).
  2. Last detected up north on July 16 in southern Rhode Island.  Unsuccessfully attempted to nest at Sandy Point, RI.
  3. Spotted by intrepid […]
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The EIA for Proposed Little Harbour Marina

Abaco Scientist was finally able to get a full copy of the proposed Little Harbour marina EIA – full pdf here. We are not as much concerned with what is in the actual document, but more so what isn’t. Most concerning is that Winding Bay staff outlined a radically different plan (including a much larger marina, R/O plant, 24 hour generator, […]

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Humans drive coloration shifts in Bahamian mosquiotofish

Back in August we published a paper in Evolutionary Applications that we’ve been working on for a few years. It’s finally out, here’s the link: Link to .pdf. But read below for a brief summary:

Humans alter the environment in many ways. The consequences of these ecological changes are usually obvious and familiar: species abundances and the nature of their […]

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Bahamas Plastic Movement

Kristal Ambrose shared this Bahamas Plastic Movement press release with us.  Thanks Kristal!

Bahamas Plastic Movement (BPM) hosted a Plastic Pollution Education and Ocean Conservation camp at the Eleuthera Arts and Cultural Center (EACC) in Tarpum Bay. Twenty-three youth, ages 7-14, from across South Eleuthera came together to learn about plastic pollution and spark youth action and activism around the […]

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Wetland Fragmentation and Bird Communities

Dinorah Chacin’s paper on Abaco bird wetland communities is out.  Counter to our a priori expectations, she found no differences in the communities of birds found on the blocked (by roads) and unblocked sides.  This suggests that even wetlands that have been fundamentally affected by fragmentation following road construction can still serve as valuable bird habitat.  It is an […]

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Coastal Sharks along Great Abaco

While most people are now well aware of personal drones being in the sky around the island, you just might see one that is working hard for marine research. With the support of Save Our Seas Foundation and collaboration with FRIENDS, this summer I will using a DJI© drone to test its use as a non-invasive method to monitor marine […]

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Where’s the Reef?

Those of you who are fans of 80’s fast food commercials must be laughing hilariously right now…..but I digress.  We checked this reef just off Eastern Shores yesterday and it is completely covered in algae, less than a year since construction.  This will be a strength of our multi-site design, being able to identify specific factors that control plant/algae growth […]

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Anchor Projects: New Name, Same T’ing

The latest from Conch Salad TV here.  I would say quite relevant for Abaco right now.  Here is Conch Salad’s summary of the video:

Anchor Projects are still being proposed and constructed in the Bahamas family islands. And the government is keeping all of these projects a secret from the Bahamian people. Watch this video to learn about […]

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