Limitations to reef recovery

This week an intriguing study came out in Science demonstrating with very conclusive findings that both coral and fish juveniles prefer to be in water that is more typical of a healthy as opposed to a degraded reef (pdf here).

Coral reefs that are degraded have a substantially greater proportion of weedy algae on them than coral themselves.  These algae are […]

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Dolphin Vocalizations Used to Identify Distinct Populations

A team of scientists from Italy, Spain, Portugal, France Britain and the U.S recently determined that distinct populations of dolphins can be identified by their vocalizations. Although this research is in its early stages, there are hopes to use this finding for conservation and monitoring purposes. See more in this article here.


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Amazing Acropora in Southern Abaco


While exploring a remote southern corner of Abaco, Craig and I came upon a few, or maybe just one massive but remarkable stand of Acropora palmata.  There were a few aspects of these stands that stood out to us.  First, they were in about 3-4 feet of water on flat hard-bottom substrate, not on […]

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