Antigua and Barbuda bans plastic bags

On July 1st, 2016, the nation of Antigua and Barbuda started its ban of single use plastic grocery bags. They join a movement to ban or tax single use plastic bags that involves many countries, states, and municipalities including much of Hawaii, Los Angeles, Chicago, the Netherlands, Italy, China, and others. Antigua and Barbuda’s commitment to this issue sets an example that even smaller […]

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Zika Virus

The Zika virus is making headlines throughout tropical areas but thankfully no cases have been confirmed from The Bahamas. A new study used models based on chikungunya and dengue viral transmission numbers to predict the risk of importation and local transmission of Zika for high risk countries. From these models, the researchers predict that The Bahamas has […]

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Headed back to Haiti Cheri!

We are gearing up for our fourth field season in Haiti, on the sleepy but beautiful little island of Ile A Vache (island of the cow).  This year we are working with two different small fishing communities to build a series of artificial reefs, some of which the communities will fish, and some of which they will protect from fishing.  We […]

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Gardening coral of our own

We have been talking a lot about the importance of fish pee for tropical coastal ecosystems over the past few years.  Most of this research has focused on the importance of fish pee for seagrasses and algae.  We are now extending these efforts to understand its importance for coral growth and development.

A recent study of ours provides compelling evidence […]

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Our Plastic Problem is making the news

As a graduate student I have email alerts for various marine science subjects to try and keep up to date with the latest articles, news posts, blogs, etc. Well, this past week I had an influx of alerts regarding the tremendous amount of plastic that is going into our oceans and wanted to share. Here an article predicts that […]

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The oldest sponge

The recently discovered, millimeter-long fossilized sponge (pictured here) has helped scientists identify when the sponge lineage diverged from that of more familiar animals.  This sponge lived 600 million years ago, tens of millions of years before sponges were thought to have first appeared in the historical record.

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ASAC Abstract Submission Deadline approaching!

If you are going to submit an abstract to present at the the Abaco Science Alliance Conference this January 6 – 9th be aware that the deadline is rapidly approaching! Submissions are due October 28th – next wednesday!

Submission information can be found Here.

More information on ASAC can be found Here.

Instructions for Submitting Abstracts – A […]

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The emergence of “The Blob”

“The Blob” is a peculiar and persistent warm-water mass that has been hovering over the Northern Pacific on and off for the past few years.  Scientist don’t full understand how or why it is there, but it is having marked effects on both weather patterns (largely in the Pacific Northwest) and on local ecosystems.  In particular, the warm water prevents […]

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One Trillion Expected in Damage to Coasts by 2100

A recent article in Climactic Change reported an economic analysis that suggests that climate change will cost the US twice as much as previous analyses estimated – increasing the estimate from $500 million to $1 trillion. Just to reiterate, that is 1,000,000,000,000 – lots of zeros. While there are always myriad considerations when attempting to predict such outcomes, this […]

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Annual Closed Season for Nassau Grouper

Good news! The Bahamian government has established a closed season (no fishing or possession allowed) for Nassau grouper from December 1st- February 28 this year and EVERY YEAR from here on out. You can read more about this closure here and here. This is great news for Bahamian coral reefs! We have posted about Nassau grouper before and you […]

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