Shrinking conch: size-selective harvest and rapid evolutionary change


1748-9326_8_1_015016 Figure 1. Growth of Strombus pugilis, and measures of size and maturity used in this study. (g) is an example of a large mature animal from contemporary populations, while (h) is one of the larger animals from Prehuman populations, exemplifying the shift in size due to human […]

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BNT Feature Presenters: Melanie Devore and Deborah Freile

Thanks to Melanie for providing this summary of their research and

The Bahamas National Conchservation Campaign
has recruited the Bahamian public to join agencies, private entities and researchers
to protect The Bahamas’ favorite beautiful, tasty, mollusk the queen conch.  It is not
surprising that there are dozens of research papers on queen conch.  However, we
know very […]

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