‘Save The Bays urges government to deal swiftly with Clifton oil pollution’

Check out this article  summarizing the latest research regarding Clifton Bay’s impact on its nearby environment. Above are some photos from the garden during my visit in late April where I was impressed by the density and size of fish that use the garden and nearby patch reefs.

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Central Abaco Lionfish Derby – Numbers Since 2010

Last week’s Central Abaco Lionfish Derby was another success (LINK)!  At the end of the tournament lionfish were stacked up for counting and measuring – over 1060 fish in one day! As we looked at all those fish, many wondered – Are the returning boats bringing fewer than in previous years? And, are the ones caught smaller or larger than in previous years?

My […]

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Results of the 2015 Central Abaco Lionfish Derby

The Annual Central Abaco Lionfish Derby  was a success. A total of 1,062 lionfish were culled and the winning boat brought in 387 lionfish. The largest lionfish was 35.9cm in length and the smallest lionfish was 3.4cm in length! Also of note was the presence of many small lionfish in the guts of larger lionfish, an observation not made in […]

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Abaco Mangrove Survey

Official mangrove surveys are just a few days away, but we are happy to receive survey data throughout the summer and next year! Below are dates for 3 different survey areas:

June 1 (All day): Central Abaco

June 2 (All day): North Abaco

June 3 (All day): South Abaco

Remember to use the guidelines and information provided on the mangrove survey tab […]

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Abaco Mangrove Survey Guidelines

We are looking forward to starting mangrove surveys with you in June, but if you would like to get a head start, visit this link for a PDF of Mangrove Survey Guidelines to follow at any sites you visit! We are really looking for surveys to be performed all over the Island, but if you need some guidance, take a […]

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Mangrove Citizen Scientist Project

Have you completed a mangrove survey? Please fill out the form below for EACH site you visited and recorded data for. These data will be used to generate a map of fungal pathogen incidence in mangroves across Abaco. We will keep you informed of the results as they come in and of the final product. We appreciate your contribution to […]

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The Piping Plovers are coming!

Photo from Scientific American webpage. Photo from Scientific American webpage.

Scientific American covers the impending arrival of Piping Plovers to The Bahamas! Check out the blog entry for some general info on the migration which includes a link to more information on the recently discovered population in The Bahamas.

Scientific American

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