Three Abaco Parks Proposals











Did some video this week with Loggerhead Productions generating more
information on the three new proposed Abaco conservation areas: South
Abaco Blue Holes Conservation AreaEast Abaco Creeks National Park Proposal,
and Cross Harbour Conservation Area (a summary of all three here).  All three
are examples of “bottom up” […]

An Overview of Bahamas Natural Resources











I came across this link over the weekend, a veritable encyclopedia
of Bahamian natural resources
.   Although entitled a “plan”, really more
of an overview of the most important habitat types and organisms in the
country.  Not a lot of extensive detail on any one of them, but a nice
starting point for […]

Show your support for the East Abaco Creeks Proposed National Park











In 2010 a proposal was submitted to protect the Snake Cay Creeks, Bight of Old Robinson and Cherokee Sound. Help celebrate Earth Day and indicate your support for these areas, by emailing or faxing the following persons on April 23rd to request that these areas be put aside as a national […]