Lost and Found: Israel Point Cave

A guest post from Ali Ball. What a cool find! Thanks Ali.


In July of 1904, American zoologist Glover M. Allen visited various caves in Abaco to collect bat specimens.

A hundred and ten years later Kelly Speer, a grad student at AMNH, generated a spreadsheet documenting bats that had been collected throughout the Bahamas, including those […]

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National Geographic: Mapping Abaco Blue Holes

One of the most unique natural features that can be found on Great Abaco Island, The Bahamas are blue holes. Located along Abaco’s shorelines or inland within the thick of Abaco’s pine forests, these underwater caverns are incredibly extensive and a gem to share. Right now, National Geographic is teaming up with local divers, scientists, and schools to begin mapping […]

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More on the Red Cave Shrimp

We got the following information from Bill Marx on Lubbers.  Thanks a lot Bill!!

Read your recent post on the Little Harbor shrimp with interest, I was going to post comment online but didn’t know if I could include links or pictures.

We have a house and property on Lubbers Quarters and have these shrimp living in anchialine pools pretty much in […]

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Climate Change and Biodiversity – What can we learn from birds on islands?

Thanks to Janet Franklin for this guest post on their recent paper!  Really interesting to think back through these historical changes.

During the last Ice Age, the islands of the Bahamas were cooler, drier, and much larger than today because sea level was over 100 m lower.  The Bahamas also were much closer to the Greater Antillean islands of Cuba […]

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Bahamian Boas – a few notes

First, a cool observation

A week ago, a friend from Abaco, Ali Ball, sent me a few photos documenting another one of her cool observations – a Bahamian boa in a bat cave on Long Island (Photo 1)! While Ali did not see the snake consume any bats, it’s almost certain that it was consuming bats.

Photos [...]

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